Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Supporting Today's Conservatives Hard For Me

Back in the day I voted for Republican candidates. This is becoming harder and harder for me because of things said like this...
"President Obama came out in support of net neutrality, asking the FCC to reclassify broadband as a public utility. This would help stop ISPs from creating "internet slow lanes" and throttling customers. Senator Ted Cruz—who accepted campaign funds from Comcast, one of those ISPs—thinks this is a bad idea... Cruz compared net neutrality to Obamacare.."

My Comments About The Article Above
It's hard enough that 100,000's of jobs have been eliminated because of technological advancements to no fault to those willing to work. Attitudes today within the Republican party generally speaking are now placing the middle class and those in the lower earnings category as being ignorant and lazy hence irrelevant. Basically this is starting to boil down to there should only be two classes of people to Cruz's way of thinking. One which can afford retirement, medical care, decent education, housing and so forth. The hell with the rest even when it comes to the internet.

Let me explain this clearly as possible. Every nation in the world throughout history (including our own) and those in today's world is/was torn apart as a result of income disparity. This is not the same Republican party I once voted for in some of the past elections a few years ago.

There will come a breaking point when all hopes of ever owning a home, earning a decent income, raising a family or being able to retire will become impossible with the present path we're taking. I dread to think what will happen on the day people simply put their hands up and walk away from all their obligations in complete surrender. Does anyone seriously think this can't happen?

This may seem like some sort of political game to some, but for others it is no game when it seriously affects their lives and those of their family. In every course throughout history there comes a breaking point. Call me a alarmist or loon if you will, but guys like Cruz and his ilk throughout history have resulted in nations failing. He would not be the first. Others have warned throughout history about guys like him before great nations have fallen in the past.

More nations have collapsed in the past from within then from outside. Anyone who follows Ted Cruz's advice needs to seriously question themselves. You've been forewarned. Either someone can ignore these warnings or not, but I sincerely believe if we as a country follow his ideas history will one day prove this was the guy who brought down the USA because of his poisonous doctrines. If there ever was a devil, this guy has to him. That's how strongly I feel.

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