Sunday, November 9, 2014

Some Of The 114th Congress You Voted For

No legislation makes it to floor before it goes through committee. Here's a quick look at some of the new chairmen who will head them up after Republicans won control of the Senate.

Many of the new appointees ages vary from their late 70's to 80's.The Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee will be headed up by a 80 year from Alabama who favors reducing regulations imposed on lenders and credit card companies. He most certainly will want to revisit the financial overhaul law Dodd-Frank created regarding regulations to Wall Street and on banks. In the past House Republicans passed bills for these that never made it through the Senate.

A 79 year old Senator from Oklahoma will now head up Environment & Public Works who wrote a book two years ago calling global warming a hoax.

The committee in charge of Health, Education, Labor & Pensions will now be chaired by 74 year old Lamar Alexander from Tennessee. Lamar is all in for repealing Obamacare. He also favors taking some of the bite out of the NLRB.

Heading up the Appropriations committee will be 77 year old Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran. His role will be important in getting through a dozen or so spending bills House Republicans favor in trying to cut off or reduce funding for Obama's executive actions regarding immigration, environment, healthcare, etc.

78 year old John McCain will now head up the Armed Services committee. I'm pretty sure we all know where he stands (not really) :-)

The Budget Committee will now be under the charge of 67 year old Jeff Sessions of Alabama. This is this guy who voted against the budget compromise Obama & House Speaker John Boehner reached back in 2011 and the budget deal reached with bipartisan support in 2013. This is the main committee responsible for coming up with a budget. Even though this guy never offered an alternative plan before he will hold the gavel for upcoming legislations involving Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security. food stamps and so forth. Hang on to your hats.

Energy & Natural Resources will be chaired by a Senator who demonstrated she favors the Keystone XL pipeline, drilling in the Artic Refuge, offshore and generally opposes any regulations that would block or restrict those or elsewhere. She also favors allowing for greater crude oil exports then current law allows.

80 year old Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch chairing the Finance Committee will no doubt play an integral role if Republicans tackle rewriting corporate tax code as they seemed to have suggested they are in favor of.

When it comes to cutting back on food stamps or feeling the $8b subsidy cut to farmers over 10 years wasn't enough 78 year old Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts is your man. He will head up the committee on agriculture.

If your the kind of person who favors these positions, and apparently many voters do, the next few years will be swell.

If your the kind of person who doesn't... well let's just say things aren't going to be too swell for you.

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