Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Put Your Pants On Girls

Where's your dignity, ladies? As J-Lo, a 45-year-old mother of two, is the latest middle-aged diva to copy the degrading poses of young rivals, ANNABEL COLE begs: Put it away!

ANNABEL COLE took her 15-year-old girl to see Miley Cyrus's British show in May-- "Within the first ten minutes, we had crotch-grabbing, grinding and yet more foul language — building to impassioned rants in which she encouraged drug-taking and kissed someone of the same sex. Having foolishly agreed to take my daughter Elsa, soon to be 15, to the show at London's O2 arena, I was to endure two hours of the most inappropriate display by a pop star I have ever seen."

I'm not sure when all this began but it appears female performers find it impossible to sing wearing a dress or pants. Ok I get it, all of ya have tatas, butt cheeks and crotches you wanna put on display. The question is why? Is it to make all the little prepubescent boys & girls wet their pants? My God half of you are mothers. Is this what you want to set as an example for your kids when they see their mothers on stage?

These are the front line examples of what today's youngest boys & girls go to see in concert. Some of our younger teachers grew up weaned on this stuff. Is it any wonder we now read about some of the outrageous sex acts now occurring in our schools between some of the youngest members in our society?

Imagine the outrage if male rockers came out wearing nothing but a loin cloth across their crotch swinging their ballsacs. Imagine further the outrage they would suffer if their young daughters attended concerts where male performers groped, dry humped and licked the girls on stage during their performances. These men would be called pigs, pedophiles or worse. Why then is it OK for one and not the other?

I see their performances more like being strippers or some sort of burlesque act. Some of our greatest girls of rock like Janis Joplin, Pat Benatar, Grace Slick, Ronnie Spector, Gloria Estefan and 100's more had no need to pull down their pants to become famous. Just how desperate are these female performers?

Ok girls we've seen your ass, tongue, crotch and tatas over and over time and again. The act's getting old. Time to try something new. Try and actually create a hit we can all sing, dance and relate to. Most of us don't bump, grind and walk around without our pants on. These kind of so-called hits are never lasting like some of those we remember were inspired by and cherish for years long after the singer who sung them is gone.

I'm not sure what some of these pantsless girls are looking for as a lasting legacy. One thing's for sure they won't be remembered one day beyond the day the next vixen takes to the stage much younger then they to flaunt their wares. Is that really the goals they set for themselves when they first started out? If so they best enjoy it while they can for inevitability they will soon be forgotten.

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