Monday, November 10, 2014

Penn State Got Screwed In Sandusky Controversy

NCAA rushed to judgment in Penn State case
NCAA talks to Penn State were a 'bluff' after Sandusky scandal, emails reveal
Corbett: Penn State 'probably' should not have fired Paterno
Dent says 'There's been a fundamental lack of due process for Penn State,'

This is a sore spot with me. At one time I use to comment on almost all of those sites When I said about the same thing as these political hacks are now saying I was called every name in the book. At the time when Tom Corbett was in the conference call over the firing Paterno where the hell was he!

Even if he disagreed in that call he never publicly stated it until now. As the grand jury dragged on and on while he was Attorney General two to three more kids got abused. And this is the first time I heard a peep from well.

I will reiterate my position. (1) All the past games that Penn State earned never should have been erased. (2) Future players who had nothing to do with this should never have been subject to lost scholarships. (3) The NCAA boning Penn State with millions of dollars in fines did little more then screw tuitions and taxpayers. (4) AND first and foremost Paterno reported the damn thing. Both then and now I believe as coach it was not his responsibility to come out publicly trashing Penn State's inactions nor the Pennsylvania Attorney General's (Tom Corbett at the time). He was a football coach and not as many believe should exceed his pay grade or authority in such matters.

Paterno was not a direct witness to the assaults. Neither was he present watching them as they occurred. I said at the time of his firing this will kill him.. and it did. The only thing he was guilty of was trusting administrators in the athletic and legal departments would take the appropriate actions rather then throwing him and his family under the bus.

Now everyone can believe whatever they want to believe, but there will be no one ever who cared more for Penn State then Joe. Only now have these political cowards come out of the shadows.. where the hell were they back then?

No I'm not a big Penn State fan. I never followed them and never saw any of their games in person either. But I'm absolute in knowing what sheeples look like when they're being played by those who bear the actual responsibilities.

Call me any foul name that comes to mind, but I still stand by my opinions both then and now. (1) Players & students were screwed by the NCAA, college & state politicians all to eager to point fingers. (2) Paterno had more ethics then the lot of these. (3) Generally speaking those who hatefully comment are hateful by nature and incapable of seeing what lies beyond two inches from their nose rings and are easily misled by those leaders who now claim their innocence in the matter. (4) Penn State needed a fall guy and Paterno became that guy.. PERIOD!

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