Sunday, November 9, 2014

Next Pennsylvania Governor Faces Challenges

This could get interesting over the next few years.

Pennsylvania voters elected a Democrat (Tom Wolf) to be governor. At the same time electors went with Republicans in both the state house and senate. Republicans next year will make up 59% of Pennsylvania's house (119-84). On the senate side 60% will be Republicans (30-20).

Insiders speculate Wolf may have a better relationship with Republicans then the former governor did because of Tom Corbett's somewhat lack of communication skills with them.

Although that may be, there's sure to be some serious challenges ahead. Especially over issues like pension funding, imposing fracking taxes and graduated state income tax to name three.

Can Wolf manage to get legislators to move ahead or will Pennsylvania find itself gridlocked similar to Washington D.C. and much like it has been under the Corbett administration?

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