Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Trick Or Treat 2014

Call me a curmudgeon but only seven kids live in this block. Yet literally hundreds show up every Halloween. I personally witnessed two passenger vans showing up with about 10 kids in each pull up out front more then once over the years.

Notice The Van?

The video above is a quick snapshot of how many kids show up out here for almost two hours straight (some more then once). Don't get me wrong I think kids should have a good time, but when 100's of kids show up it's a bit much. While it's true there's absolutely no problems it's gotten too impersonal for my tastes.

It seems the goal is to rake in as much candy as possible in areas the kids probably don't even know where their parents took them. Thus too leaving little time for folks handing out candy to intermingle with the kids from our own neighborhood. This whole trick or treat thing has become less personal then when I was a kid only going door to door around where I lived.

Not to mention it gets quiet expensive when it requires buying 400 or 500 pieces of candy to hand out. Unless someone wants to hand out crappy treats, a bag of Hershey's Miniatures Candy Bars cost around $7. We use to buy 10 bags and it would be gone in less then an hour. That's why we gave up handing out candy. I wouldn't mind spending 20 bucks or so, but when it got up past $60-$70 I felt it was time to call it quits rather then handout crappy candy the kids would probably end up throwing out anyway.

Someone might say well only buy 20 buck$ worth then turn off the porch light. Yeah well, been there done that. Almost the entire time there are always 5-10 kids lined up waiting for their handouts. You should have heard the moans, groans and some of the comments (including some from the parents) when I said I didn't have anymore and turned them away. Yeah sure I like left feeling like crap.

Yours Truly,
     The Curmudgeon

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