Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giuliani Goes Out On A Limb

When he says, "Blacks Have 'Responsibility' To Reduce Need For Police Presence"

I almost hate to agree with Giuliani, but there's a kernel of truth in what he says.

Although I will say this. We are friends with a couple whom the husband is Hispanic. Even though he is a white collar professional and well dressed there's been seldom a time he wasn't singled out and embarrassed at a airport. Nor when he was driving somewhere. And I don't just mean pulled over. He was carded and had himself and the car searched nearly every time. I'm not sure how well Caucasians would deal with the kind of BS he has to put up with.

That said, it's a shame when I read about the majority of East Indians and Asians who are hard working business owners and the Pakistani cab drivers who fell victim to many in the black or Hispanic community who seem to take less initiative as they. Be truthful, generally speaking how many cabs do you see being driven by or 7-11's and gas stations run by blacks or Hispanics?

This is not a condemnation, but after seeing what happened to other members of a minority who are shop owners in Ferguson it doesn't speak well for their cause. There's no reason nor any benefit. to rob, destroy & attack others who have taken the initiative and done the hard work to try and eek out a living for themselves. So yes, there would be less need for police and their heavy handed tactics if people would only behave themselves.

The surest way to reduce the number of police (and have to pay for) is to put them out of work by having fewer need for them. This is one occupation I would love to see go away. So long as there is a ever increasing demand there will be more of them. If anyone really wants cops to go away it's simply a matter of no longer having a need for them. For now and going forward into the future I see it as a blooming industry. That's really not too smart is it?

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