Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall Is Busy Time

I lit the pilot light back up on the furnace. Bled the radiators and fired up the heat and now can look forward to the upcoming winter's heating bills. Brought the outdoor plants in for the winter. Raked the leaves for what must be the tenth time. Turned off the outside water. Took the air conditioners out of the windows Put the storm windows down. Replaced the filthy old dryer hose (as I do every fall) and cleaned the lint from the outside trap door flap. Winterized the lawn mower by draining the gas, oil & WD40 the piston after pulling the spark plug. Changed the oil and test fired the snow thrower. Pulled the leaves out of the spoutings (yeah like that lasts).

Put the dehumidifier away and got the humidifiers out only to find I needed 4 new filters for them. Therein lies a story. Last Saturday I posted about Online Price Steering. So when I went online to buy them I found three pages at having three different prices for them. To my amazement the first wanted $21.25 per filter (what are they nuts!). Another $17.49 for 2 with free shipping. Yet one more totaling $15.52 for 2 after shipping costs were added on.

Hence four filters would cost me on one page $31.04. The other $34.98 and yet on another page $85 for the same exact product. I continued to search online and found another place which charged me only $25.91 and they shipped it within 4 hours from Maryland. It's now on it's way. How stupid would I have to be to spend from $5.13 to $59.09 more for the exact same product !

Looks like I'm not the only one busy. The squirrels and birds are busy as hell in the backyard too trying to fatten up for the winter...

As I prepare to turn my clocks back tonight so I have one hour less daylight tomorrow night soon it will be time to start thinking about Thanksgiving and tying to figure out what the hell I'm going to buy everyone for Christmas (that seems to get harder and more expensive every year). It's that time of year I have to pay car and homeowners insurance for 2015. Soon too beginning in January is the time my medical insurance cost more for less.

As you might have gathered fall is not my favorite time of the year. Shorter days. Greyer skies and shivering for the next several months is not exactly inspiring either. If I had my way I'd be just as happy to hibernate like the bears till Spring and all the good things that go with it arrive back.

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