Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exporting Our Energy Independence

Sunoco Logistics announces $2.5B pipeline project
Andrew Maykuth, Inquirer Staff Writer
"For now, most of the ethane, propane and butane materials delivered to Marcus Hook will be loaded on ships in Marcus Hook and exported. Some propane will be sold to local markets or shipped by barge to regional Northeast markets...

...The Mariner East 2 pipeline will be about 350 miles long, originating at intake points from producers in Eastern Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, with Scio, Ohio, being the westernmost origin."

My Comments About The Article Above

I don't see how this contributes to the United States becoming energy independent. Again as I've stated here many times, the way to become 'energy independent' is by supporting the development of alternative energies.

Things like solar and wind can't be exported. Nor require rail cars, fuel trucks or pipelines.

If our goal is as some politicians claim it to be, truly energy independent, we must reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Instead develop and utilize alternative energy sources as both current and future technologies become available.

A good place to start is having new homes built with electrical rooftop solar shingles.
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Eventually this would help bring down the price of them. It would reduce not only electric bills, but require less fossil fuel consumption at generating stations. Perhaps yet one more maybe not so apparent. In the event of a power failure it is possible under certain conditions the panels could maintain power in the home for refrigeration. vital medical equipment, recharge electronic devices and/or at least a few lights.

After the last election with the changing of the political party now in favor throughout the land it concerns me. We're likely to see more land taken for pipelines rather then turbines or solar panels sprouting up over the next two years. We shall see shallent we?

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