Friday, November 21, 2014

Cosby An American Justice Embarrassment

In less then a week Bill Cosby's lifetime reputation and professional career has gone down the crapper faster then one could imagine. This isn't a matter of whether the guy is guilty or innocent as I have no way of knowing that. What I do know he has become the biggest example of the hypocrisy we as American claim to value regarding our justice system.

Our whole legal system is based on the presumption of innocence. It's one of the things that is suppose to set the United States apart from other countries. We have a former prosecutor, obviously with no ethics, who goes on TV and says he's convinced Cosby's guilty but admits he doesn't have legal evidence that would support his accusations. Why should anyone listen to a hypocritical law professional who once swore to uphold the values of our justice system doctrine under the presumption of innocence?

Media ran for the hills and have pulled all future projects as well as reruns of Cosby's shows in syndication. Over the last few weeks I also read other so-called news stories that claimed Bob Hope and Elvis ravaged every broad they could get their hands on. All of this is akin to out of control lynchings of persons' reputations via trial by gossiping innuendo.

This is the same press that demands their freedoms be respected under the constitution that they themselves are unwilling to abide by under the presumptions of innocence. Then insist those they accuse defend themselves for things they were never charged with. By not groveling themselves to the media doesn't mean in any way these celebrities are guilty of what they've been accused.

Put Up Or Shut Up
If any of these six women now accusing Cosby of these crimes have no evidence or proof of their accusations.. I'm sorry if this happened to you, but I will not take your word for it anymore then Cosby's. We have a justice system in place. The court of public opinion is not the place to air grievances. The press is doing these women no favors. They are exploiting both sides for their own gains. At the same time diminishing both respect and undermining confidence in our justice system.

If anyone should be held accountable it should be the press for it's failure to recognize it's responsibility to uphold the American justice system by reporting on substantiated facts.

Not he-said, she-said Jerry Springer like trash talking reporting they've taken to.

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