Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Allentown Requires Furnace Inspections

On Monday, November 3rd, 2014 WFMZ-TV reminded people Allentown requires furnaces to be inspected.

     Hot Damn..
     That's news to me!

Apparently I missed WFMZ's original telecast which aired two years ago way back on October 26, 2012 explaining "Allentown has new oil, gas burner inspection ordinance".

Other then for WFMZ-TV airing these two stories who would know?
I searched and searched Allentown's website and be damned if I could find this specific ordinance.

I couldn't find anything after doing a rather thorough search on the Morning Call's website either. Seems to me Allentown could have notified homeowners with their real estate tax bills or in their water bills at the time when Allentown still controlled the water department.

It is only just now after doing research on Allentown's city council minutes dated October 17, 2012 that I can find the only other mention of this ordinance... Bill 55 Prop Rehab Amendment
Amending Articles 1741 to 1759 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Allentown entitled Property Rehabilitation & Maintenance Code in multiple ways inclusive of making first class mail notification an option... defining when oil and gas units should be serviced...,
     Amendments passed, 7 – 0"

So unless your a habitual attendee of council meetings or devoted a compulsive reader of city council's minutes chances are this is the first time your hearing of it too. Even then after having read the minutes there was no mention of fines or being required to have this work done.

Which leads me to wonder what else I don't know that could come around and sting me in the butt?


I finally came across this ordinance. Click Here >> 1744.06
On the picture below.

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