Thursday, November 6, 2014

After The Elections My Opinions

Now that Republicans dominate both Congress and state governors this can be both a blessing and a curse in the upcoming Presidential election.

A few short years ago Obama came charging in promising hope and change. This is similar to what voters were seeking in this election by electing conservatives. Two years from now if the economy for the middle class is much the same as it is now or Congress fails to make significant progress the same fate may await them.

Voters have short memories and every election tend to want to vote the bums out whether they be Democrats or Republicans. This could be a major factor in who gets the big prize.. a seat in the oval office at the Whitehouse.

A couple of players have advanced. War hawk John McCain now will head up the Senate Armed Services Committee. Tea Party Ted Cruz will become the unofficial majority leader in the Senate. If John Boehner thought he had headaches before they may pale in comparison to those he faced from Democrats. Will this lead to further gridlock because of turmoil within the Republican ranks?

Whether one likes it or not voters vote for their self interests. Many conservatives are intending on defunding not only Obama's future initiations but some of his from the past as well. If Republicans screw around too much with minimum wages, Social Security, etc. how much will be too much for electors if they should revolt come Presidential election time?

Personally I think the election outcomes are a positive thing. Whatever happens over the next two years can no longer be blamed on Democrats. Whatever happens in the Presidential elections depends on whether Republicans can demonstrate they deserve to win the Whitehouse. In other words the burden lies on their shoulders. That's not a comfortable place to be if either party had won when it comes to going to the big dance in 2016.

Frankly I don't see either party having a great candidate for President. I find Hillary a bad choice that will cost Democrats the office. Republicans most likely will recycle the same old bunch, except for possibly Christie who's just as unappealing to me as Hillary. Oh please.. not another Bush either!

I'm up to my ears in hearing the same old crap. Jobs, economic reforms, deficit reduction and all the other bull crap that never changes year after year with nothing ever said specific. Unless Republicans or Democrats can offer someone inspiring I plan to sit the next Presidential election out.

Conservative/liberal who gives a shit

Please oh please will either party or possibly a 3rd offer a real clear choice beyond the current lot of bullshitters likely to run?

      Probably Not !

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