Wednesday, October 29, 2014

YouTube Has $well Idea

Chris Morran | Consumerist-- YouTube Planning To Let You Pay To Avoid Ads

Well I got to hand it to them, they're always thinking. Several YouTube channels have already gone the subscription route. Problem is there is a difference between polished and monetized uploaders (which YouTube compensates) then some kid who shot a video of his dog chasing it's tail. Question is should YouTube get paid for videos they don't have to compensate someone for?

Sadly some of the videos are shorter then the ads pre-rolling on them. There is nothing stopping YouTube from making these ads even longer until they become so obnoxious users would then pay into so they could avoid them.

As you might have surmised I'm not in favor of cracking open the lid on this practice. There is no right or wrong here on the part of Google/YouTube. Nobody's forcing viewers. This is a matter of supply & demand and the choices consumers make. Unfortunately in today's world consumers seem all to willing to do these kind of things making it bad for the rest of us who are not onboard with the idea. The way I see it, YouTube is free to make whatever choices they want.. and so am I.

More and more internet sites are going the subscription route. I'm already paying almost $400 a year just to access the internet. Damned if I'm going to spend another $400 to line the pockets of these big corporations just so I can stream videos and read news stories on top of the $1,690+ cable bill I already spend each year already going to many of these same companies.

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