Monday, October 13, 2014

Texas Race For Governor A Nationwide Issue

The current Attorney General of Texas Greg Abbott is in a heated race against Democratic Candidate Texas Senator Wendy Davis for Governor. Two of the biggest issues is over abortion and gay rights. This is not a issue in Texas alone. These are two big issues throughout the country both on the state and national levels this election.

On one hand we have Wendy Davis (D) who supports women's reproductive rights and gay marriage . On the other hand you have Greg Abbott (R) who's adamantly opposed to both of them. When it comes to abortion he opposes all forms even if it's a result of rape or incest.

On Friday (10/20/2014) Greg Abbott, acting as attorney general, filed an appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to bar same sex marriage. In his appeal he argues by legalizing same sex marriage it encourages out of wedlock births.
(1) Assuming gays are only attracted to their own sex it's impossible for either one to become pregnant with an unwanted birth or with someone else other then their partner of the same sex. On the other hand when married heterosexuals stray and a unwanted pregnancy can result. Thus with his views against abortion you'd think he'd be supportive of gay marriage.

(2) We never will be able to prevent unwanted pregnancies 100% either within or outside of marriage. Many gay couples adopt these and other unwanted children.

(3) Gay or not, many couples opt for birth by surrogates because neither of them are able to have children of their own. In both circumstances these children are born out of wedlock. Keep in mind not all married women can safely bear children even if impregnated via insemination from the father even if he should prove to be fertile..

(4) For the last 6 years 41% of all births have come from unwed women for various reasons.. One of them is more and more young couples in today's culture are forgoing the vows of marriage

(5) Some women who can't conceive undergo treatment for infertility. It's not unusual to see multiple embryos sometimes as many as 6 within this first few weeks. Today's technology can tell the mother which ones are likely or not to survive or if the mother even can in such cases. Should she be forced to give birth irregardless of her or the babies individuals health? Imagine the financial consequences to both the couple and the government when unable to afford the medical care and raising of them. Further imagine how many would be given up for adoption as a consequence. Whether in "wedlock" or not the results pretty much defeats both his positions.

(6) On Greg Abbott's own campaign website he says, ".. a leader who understands that for government to be most effective, it must be smaller, less intrusive and less expensive.". I don't see how as attorney general him spending taxpayers' money on a court appeal is either "less intrusive" nor "less expensive".

This issue is not limited to the governor race in Texas. It is one that is playing out in dozens of states at both levels of government. It's sure to come up time and again for years to come wherever one resides.


Texas AG Says 'It Does Not Matter' If Gay Marriage Benefits Children


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