Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some Really Crazy Dichotomies

* It's A-OK to open carry guns almost everywhere, but smoking (either tobacco or pot) in many of these same areas will get you fined or arrested.

* "To Protect and to Serve". Stockton, California: Bank Teller Killed After Three Robbers Took Her Hostage-- "33 officers fired 600 bullets with full knowledge of a hostage inside the vehicle.

* KOMO News: "A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit brought by more than 100 Seattle police officers who said new guidelines on using force jeopardized their safety.. Seattle police routinely used excessive force, especially in low-level situations that might otherwise have been defused."There's a difference between how the military treats civilians in foreign nations and how law enforcement is supposed to operate in the United States. One is adversarial, the other is not. If these guys want to go gonzo on civilians perhaps the military would be a better option for them.
* After the Sayreville, N.J high schools football was canceled for victimizing freshmen players The New York Times reported, "If freshmen “thought we hated them before we sure as hell hate them now,” a 16-year-old female student wrote on Twitter, hours after the season was canceled."... NJ.com-- "The hunt for the "snitches" is on. This social media quest to try to find out who killed football in Sayreville."

* 28% Of Americans Admit To Being Internet Trolls-- "The best way to fight trolls, at least according to the YouGov survey, is to ignore them -- the preferred tactic of 37 percent of respondents." Watch Out, Internet Trolls. In Britain, You Could Get Up to Two Years in Jail-- "These Internet trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life," UK Justice Secretary Chris Grayling." What I noticed most significant about my very own personal troll is he is relentless in telling how bad my blog sucks & how he's never coming back. Then rambles on telling me that everyday. I know I'm suppose to ignore him, but I can't help from wondering what a wasted life he must lead in-so-much as he finds a need to seek my attention. Obviously no one's paying attention to him otherwise in his life and seeks mine.

No doubt he will again after reading this post. Nothing he says or persists in doing affects me in any way. This blog plays only a minor role in my life. I only do it for giggles. What a horrible waste of one's time. To him I harbor no ill will, but highly recommend he reflect & ask himself why this obsession?

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