Thursday, October 23, 2014

Showing Up For Court High Is Bad Idea

Matthew Bultman | The Express-Times -- " A 29-year-old woman who has been found at least six times this year huffing computer cleaner was under the influence during a municipal court appearance and began yelling obscenities."

The only time I ran afoul of the law was back when I was a teenager. I earned a scholarship from the state forcing me to attend drivers training school at Dieruff H.S. after I was nabbed for speeding in my 1966 Volkswagen bug.

Yeah I know it's hard for me to believe too :-)

At any rate.. one of the other fine students in attendance that evening was a guy who was cited for DWI. Obviously a slow learner he showed up drunk. This clown was even stupid enough to drive himself there for the class. The instructor explained he could stay but wouldn't be credited because of it.

So this fine gentlemen thought he'd wait it out anyway and sat in the back of the room next to a chalkboard. Twenty minutes into the thing he passed out. There was a large crash from the back of the room where he was sitting after he slammed his head against the aluminum chalk tray where he lay on the floor bleeding.

At the time we were watching unedited gut filled films one after the other from the Ohio state police showing horrendous accidents. I can't remember one word the instructor ever said that night, but I sure do remember the impression both the film and this stooge made on me.

I'm not sure how things are handled these days, but I can clearly state this kind of early intervention in my teens sure as hell straightened me out. I never have sped nor drove after drinking ever again.

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