Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Republicans Could Take The Senate In 2014 Elections

Steven Yaccino | Bloomberg: If Polls Hold True the GOP Will Take Over the Senate. They used the measurements in key states.

On Monday, October 27th Real Clear Politics polling data shows overall a 50/50 split between both parties in all the states where Senators are up for re-election.

Pardon Me While I Demonstrate My Partiality
I find it hard to believe things are this close considering how many groups Republicans are standing up against.* Most are against abortions even for victims of rape & incest. Why would women support them?
* Attempting to privatize/reduce SS & Medicare. Why would seniors support them?
* Against raising the minimum wage. Why would low income workers support them?
* Trying their level best to cut benefits and salaries of gov't workers. Why would they support them?
* Tax policies that lean towards favoring wealthy corporations.
* Reducing regulations on environment, mortgage lenders, labor laws/unions and a plethora of others.

These are name but a few. It seems to me there should be a lot of segments put off by this and yet that doesn't seem to be the case judging by these polls.

I'll give you one example. Abortion--- Today it is now possible to artificially inseminate a woman's eggs externally and determine hereditary characteristics from the DNA that could produce a child prone to breast cancer, autism, dementia and hundreds of more defective offspring. Not only in that offspring but all those who's generations would follow. Determining which embryo would not be forced to be born into such a nightmare, the good embryo(s) is then placed backed into the woman thereby giving birth to a healthy child. Thus eliminating needless suffering and the huge costs that go with it to both the family and society as a whole. The cost is about $16,000. Making abortion completely illegal this science wouldn't be allowed to happen. Millions would be born and needlessly suffer unnecessarily. Untold amounts of money would be spent on healthcare by both the parents and society (you & I) for them. Preventing this science from happening just doesn't make sense.

No I'm not for government running our lives or telling what's best for us as conservatives claim liberals want to do. But isn't this exactly what conservatives are doing when it comes to certain issues like abortion and birth control?

I realize there are plenty of Democrats out there that would give the farm away if given absolute free reign. However from my experience there are far fewer hard core left wing candidates then seems to be those on the right. About all I can say when it comes to voting, may neither side win control of congress. Sometimes gridlock is better then if either party gets a full head of steam on them because it would then require compromise. Maybe little may change, but in many instances that may be a good thing.

Which You Rather?
Government control where you can un-elect, petition or impeach to get things changed?
Surrender to private commercial interests by stripping government's control over them?

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