Monday, October 27, 2014

LC Executive Tom Muller Vetoes Tax Cut

Precious Petty | The Express-Times : Lehigh County executive vetoes 'Happy Meal tax cut,' five other amendments to 2015 budget-- "Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller on Monday vetoed six of 16 amendments to the budget passed last week by Republican commissioners."

For God's sake why would I care if I got a $8 tax cut in 2015 if it means the county would receive $1.25m less revenue next year!

Some suggested using the $1.25 million to pay down debt. I feel the $1.25m would be put to much better use in establishing a rehab unit at Cedar Brook nursing home instead. You see Medicare pays less to government run nursing homes then those privately owned. Every hospital and privately owned facility in the area is going after the lucrative rehab business. My hope is his veto will not be overridden and the county can cash in on rehab services to help sustain Cedarbrook.

Once again for two years in a row these 'Tea Party Republicans" are being short sighted with their obstinacy regarding what's best over the long term. I don't need their damn 15 cents a week savings. This is just plain stupid!

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