Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gov. Christie Blew It This Time

There's a lot of times I go along with and support Chris Christies brashness. This ain't one of them.

Christie went off on a heckler. In other words he took the bait this heckler might have set him up for.

Christie was holding a news conference to toot his own horn on how well he handled hurricane Sandy. The problem is HE DIDN'T. He accused the protestor of flapping his gums and not "rolling up his sleeves". Well the gov, like all politicians, blow into town, make promises then leave w/o doing any actual physical work. No problem. I accept that. What I don't accept is two years later only 20% of the aide money promised was doled out.

There's no doubt this guy was a heckler. It's also true he was exploiting the occasion for his own cause. Question is how else could he make it known what a bunch of phony baloney the governor is spouting?

Apparently no one has been paying attention to this business owner-activist. Well they are now..


As you can see this guy isn't a nut. Thank goodness for people like him for standing up & speaking out. We need more like him to call these politicians out. If Christie has any hope ever of running for president it will be interesting to see how he responds. The only decent response would be to sit down, apologize to this man and publicly speak with him on camera. Short of that we don't need another windbag in the oval office.

My regret is that I at one time had a much higher regard for the governor. At this point I feel he is just one more slick politician who will serve no one well. Here's his chance to prove his mettle. Man up to his short comings or go away.

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