Wednesday, October 8, 2014

FOX News & It's Entertainment Network Ratings Down

The new TV fall season has started and it isn't looking good for FOX. The evening news on ABC, CBS and NBC each have from 6 1/2 million to almost 8 1/2 million viewers. While it's true FOX News out performs it's closest competitor (CNN) by having 3-6 times more viewers, it still only pulls in on average less than 1/4 to 1/3 the number of viewers as any single network evening newscast.

FOX News last week also came in behind several other cable only channels. TBS (Time Warner), Disney Channel (owns ABC) and USA (NBC). At the top of the heap is ESPN (Walt Disney/Hearst) with it's almost 4 million viewers.

FOX's entertainment Network isn't exactly going through the roof either. Up to this point they have almost 30% less viewers then they had last year during the same week.

Out of all the top rated TV broadcasts the big kahunas so far this year have been several NFL football games, NCIS and NCIS New Orleans. So far CBS is coming out on top. CBS's 60 minutes isn't doing badly either with up to 14 million viewers watching.

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