Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ebola Why Is The Surgeon General MIA?

In one word... Politics.

Last November 2013 Obama nominated Dr. Vivek Murthy (Harvard & Yale) but conservatives in the U.S. Senate have blocked his confirmation.

The current "Acting Surgeon General" was appointed in July 2013. He is a former Rear Admiral with an MD from Harvard. Even though he previously spent 16 years with the CDC then as Deputy Surgeon General (in 2010) he's chosen to remain quite for whatever reason.

Make that of what you will, I'm sure the head of the CDC Dr. Thomas Frieden is capable of being up to the task. Although he specialized in internal medicine he also studied at Yale for a sub-specialty in infectious diseases. He's been heading up the CDC since June 2009 where he previously worked for 12 years (from 1990-2002).

The problem is--
In the addition to being head of the CDC he is our acting representative to the World Health Organization. His having to take on a 3rd role because of politics is troubling in-so-much he now has to divvy up so much of his time between each.

The point is--
Usually the Surgeon General is the administration's point man who speaks when it comes to things like this. Right now with Ebola & Enterovirus being at the forefront is not a time Congress should be playing politics.

His confirmation is being blocked by the NRA. The NRA is threatening members of Congress they will punish those who support confirmation of the 36 year old Dr. because of his views on gun control.

Seems the NRA is more concerned about guns then the health of our nation. Course one could argue, haven't they always !


On Monday night (12/15/2014) the Senate approved his nomination. Although it was only because of a procedural screw-up GOP Congressman Ted Cruz made when he tried to block a vote on the 2015 budget bill which then allowed 23 other nominees to be voted on as well.

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