Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Computer Code Programmers Are Screwed Up!!

     Here's why..

There's something wrong with these geniuses. I've been using 'Internet Explorer 11' for almost a year just fine, now things are starting to get screwy on Google services.

A few weeks ago I received email notifications regarding approving comments left on my YouTube videos. After clicking on the links in the email they didn't show up so I could approve them like they always had before. Coincidentally they show up in Google's Chrome browser just fine.. IMAGINE THAT!

Now today on blogger I starting getting this message on the top of my "post it" page...

Then when I went to upload picture files, each and every time the browser locked up. So I checked things out and this is what Google says...

Isn't it amazing.. somehow if I use Goggle's 'Chrome' browser everything works just fine. Apparently they screwed up my Microsoft's browser 11 in favor of their own.. IMAGINE THAT TOO!

These Einsteins can never leave things well enough alone. They constantly have changed the GUI on YouTube nearly every week. Enough already!

No matter which site I log on to that Google owns they want my cell phone #.. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!

Same goes to all these other so-called programmers elsewhere. The wife went to download Sony eBooks to her reader she's had for years. It took 6 hours, 2 emails and a phone call before she could log on. She tried the "forgot password" option several times. Every time it would send all the information to her email in Spanish. WTF ?

The Morning Call site loads up pages with other stories I could care less about when someone scrolls down too far. This is a pain.

This is bullshit.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Programmers are making things way more complicated then they have to be. Somebody needs to clamp down on these programmers. They've gotten out of hand. These days I spend more time trying to do work-arounds and fending off programs wanting updates then getting things done that I set out to do.

As far as updates go.. I highly suspect programmers seek approval to update so they can gather information far more then supposedly improving these applications. It's a way of getting around garnering information that otherwise would be protected by the installed operation systems and virus software.

It seems every site and it's programmers now have an agenda. Things are becoming overly complicated. Soon much of this will become broken and may very well become unusable to anyone other then those willing to put up with this shit. The internet was created so people could share thoughts and ideas. If this becomes too complicated fewer and fewer will find a need for it.

While I enjoy blogging, it's becoming increasingly harder and harder having to fight both haters while at the same time jumping through the hoops necessary to post by these programmers at Google and elsewhere. These guys need to stop screwing around changing things every week or so... it's just that simple.

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