Saturday, October 4, 2014

Blog Updates On LVCI

I've gone through the links to other bloggers on the right sidebar no longer active. About a dozen were 4 months or older I left the "Lehigh Valley History" blog remain because it's timeline wasn't critical to the information contained. If any become active once again I will add them back.

After reflection I reset this blog's policy to once again allow comments. Three things changed. (1) Comment Moderation has returned. (2) A comment policy has been added to the comment form area. (3) For now the CAPTCHA (word verification) feature is turned off. If spam becomes a problem I may have a need to turn it back on from time to time.

That said, I do want to make it clear.. This blog's longevity, the frequency of posts I put up nor the subjects selected are dependant on how many comments I receive or do not receive.

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