Monday, October 27, 2014

ASD Votes To Outsource Substitute Teachers

Sara K. Satullo | The Express-Times -- "The board voted Thursday night to join the Bethlehem Area School District in hiring Substitute Teacher Services to handles it substitute staffing. Delta-T was approved as a secondary supplier... This will allow the district to avoid having to pay for health benefits."

Let we me explain human nature if you have trouble understanding it.
* Someone who has no hope of ever teaching the same class or ever getting to know his/her students doesn't give a crap.
* Someone who knows they never will ever earn fulltime employment with the district won't give a crap.
* Someone teaching and receiving far less then those around them for it don't give a crap.
* Someone teaching for a day or two here and there aren't going to provide consistency to students who probably won't give a crap then either.
* Anyone who attended the Halloween parade or football games in Allentown may have noticed few give a crap about the games or how few members are in the marching band.

There's other things that can be done other then this. Less administrative personnel. Campus consolidation (fewer buildings). Teachers who would receive decent benefits for fulltime work (even if salaries are less then elsewhere) To name three.

It seems to me all we are looking at is the bottom line and completely ignoring what matters most. The human considerations as to what motivates both students and teachers.

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