Friday, October 24, 2014

ASD- Too Many Chiefs Not Enough Indians?

Randy Kraft | -- “In 1998-99, they had eight administrators in this building,”.... “They now will have 28 administrators in this building.”
     [Debra Tretter, president of the Allentown Education Association]

My understanding is many of these positions were created by one time only federal grants. The problem is after those grants dried up the administrative positions didn't.

It's my further understanding some of these positions' main objectives is to research, seek out and apply for additional federal funding opportunities. However these administrators, like those in the private sector, should justify their salaries and why the ASD has further need of them if/when they are no longer able to achieve that goal.

At one time Bethlehem Steel hired 1 foreman for every 7 blue collar workers.. look how that turned out!

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