Thursday, October 2, 2014

A House Divided

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The Worker Pay Issue
American Greed (hypocrisy): So many working Americans are outraged against what management gets paid, the wealthy business owners and their salaries. Yet many of these same $15 an hour wage earners become just as infuriated against those below them making less the $10 an hour who seek more for themselves.

I'm having difficulty understanding the difference between someone making $100,000 a year resenting having to pay employees $50,000 over someone just as adamant who's making $50,000 against those making $25,000 beneath them. Someone may say I earn $15 an hour because I deserve it.. and you don't, for whatever reason. This is nothing more then a bigger fish trying to swallow a smaller one. There but for but the grace of God....

It's Us Against Them
Politics- Are you red or blue: You can't be for some issues and not against others if your a true blue conservative or liberal. Forget about treating each issue separately with several aspects to them. Just like in the days of the civil war either your a 'Yankee' or a 'Rebel', there's no in-between. Gone are the days of compromise. Empathy and understanding is now considered a weakness rather then a strength.

International Relations: Friend or foe?
Heaven forbid if a foreign nation does not go all in with one side or the other.

Are you a Christian or one of those others?
Are you a government worker (leech) or taxpayer like the rest of us with normal jobs?
Anyone who sticks their neck out in public is doing it only for self interests, right?

Gone are the days of tolerance, understanding, empathy, courtesy and respect. Everyone seems to have their own agenda What people need to realize is when the least among us does well everyone will be better off for it. This constant effort to separate and push other people down benefits no one who wishes for a brighter tomorrow.

Anyone who has selfish interests can do no better to serve themselves then promote the wants and needs of those below them. When we raise the tide beneath us we all benefit. If on the other hand we frustrate and take away little of what others have we take the same away from our own measure.

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