Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Few Quick Thoughts

Heaven help any black person who gets the flu this year, Especially if they have an accent and a temperature. They're likely to be ostracized and locked up for Ebola in the blink of an eye.

The skitzo anti-government types have been screaming for years accusing FEMA of creating detention camps. Let us hope they are as wacko as I hope they were if it should turn out we create medical compounds every time some sap sneezes. We're far too paranoid in this nation for us not consider, for the first time, this not to be out of the realm of possibility.

In some states in order to vote you need an ID. It's kind of getting kind of creepy when you need ID in order to vote, but not one to buy/carry a gun in some of these states.

When someone applies for a job they must fill out a resume. Before they can be considered for employment their credentials are validated and a candidate must pass a physical affirming they are not drug users. A person running for office on the other hand needs only to fill out the proper paperwork then get elected.

Once elected political leaders pass laws and regulations on all kinds of things they have not idea what they're talking about. The complex environmental issues, economic issues (both domestic and foreign markets), military operations, etc., the list is endless. They don't even have to know how to read the bills the staff reads for them after, in most cases, a lobbyist's legal council writes them. Or on a local level what some paid advisor has produced for them at their request.

Unlike the private sector politicians are the only ones who can give themselves a raise or increase their own benefits without due consideration on how it will affect those having to pay for them. This while admonishing the private sector, other government workers and the retired beneath them as being unsustainable.

What gets put into print or over the air reflects anything that could affect their bottom line. What they speak of can affect the very stock market wherein they are directly dependant upon both for revenue and their very own existence.

100's and 100's of millions of dollars of campaign dollars pour into the media each election. Hence main stream media will never ever be a big supporter of campaign finance reform. Is it any wonder why you hear so little call for them?

Quick & simple... they gotcha by the gonads. There isn't a person in this world who won't become sick or suffer pain. How much someone can afford or are willing to pay determines who gets what. End of story.

This era of mankind is no different then any other. If throughout the ages everyone did the right thing by one another we'd have no need for governments, wars nor religion. Since the human race as a whole doesn't, we as an individual should find the humor in man's follies. Remove ourselves as best we can and not become a contributor to those things mentioned no matter how difficult the task. Let each person be accountable unto themselves.

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