Sunday, September 14, 2014

You Probably Missed Free Dental Care In Allentown

Although there was little publicity the turn out was beyond amazing this weekend. When we went for our weekly shopping at the The Allentown Farmers Market this past weekend I couldn't believe the number of people who turned out for this event at the 'Agri~Plex' located at the Allentown Fairgrounds.

Even though it wasn't listed by the 'Agri-Plex', parking was packed!

This was the second annual event held by the 'Montgomery Bucks Dental Society'.
A great big appreciative thanks goes out to them

WFMZ in this video report on Friday said,
"By 11 a.m., nearly 800 people walked through the doors.."

This is both encouraging and saddening at the same time. How is it that in country such as ours we have so many in need?

I for one do not have a dental plan. Unlike many others I was fortunate to have one while I worked, but the company does not offer a dental plan for it's retirees at any price.

In a country that claims to care and has so much it's rather disheartening. Judging by what I witnessed I'm certain 100% these people were not all living below poverty, on food stamps or looking for a free handout. The costs of dentistry care has gone up many times since I was a kid when a tooth could be filled for $7 or extracted for around $15.

I'm certain that many who walk among us will say tough boogers. Get a job.. go pay for it yourself. To them I reply (and I don't care if I sound like a socialist), if I had my way every American would have access to FREE medical and dental care. These are basic human needs everyone will have need of some time or another.

As To How We Pay For Them
(1) Regulate the healthcare providers so-as-not to overly enrich themselves on the misfortunes of others.
(2) After the U.S. spent an estimated $6 trillion on wars in Afghanistan & Iraq it should reconsider it's priorities.
(3) Americans who care only about themselves should be the first in line to support such a plan. Do these people actually believe they will always have an untold amount of money in their wallets to pay for these services throughout their lifetime no matter what event befalls them or how high the costs will go in the future?

Face reality, no one gets a free ticket. Either people need to pay for these needs (a) out of pocket, (b) through insurance, (c) the costs for those who cannot pay passed on to them or (d) suffer the agony of being left untreated.

I much prefer each and everyone of us pool our money together, control costs and thereby benefit we are ourselves by doing so. That's not 'socialism'. It's simply a smarter way of doing things that will result in benefiting even those among us who remain selfish and uncaring of others. Why can't everyone not understand that?

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