Friday, September 12, 2014

Warrantless Police Raid In Kentucky Is Bunch Of Bull

'Raw Story' is reporting, "Police raided a Louisville bar Tuesday night, and a video posted on YouTube shows police searching patrons and employees before allowing them to leave... attorney Thomas Clay said the officers broke the law by frisking patrons without probable cause."

I don't give a flying fig whether this was a known drug nuisance bar or not, the police not only violated patrons rights, but most likely everyone of the charges will be thrown out. Other then an attempt at destroying this bar owners business, no good became of it.

All this kind of stuff rots countries from within. It all starts somewhere. If enforcement officers get away with this what's to stop them from storm trooping into mosques or other places they view as a threat. Too far out you say? Maybe the Jews living in Germany thought so too at one time!

We are a nation of laws for a reason. When those laws are ignored we become a nation of lawlessness. Whether it be at the hands of criminals or police matters not. When anyone breaks the law they should be sent to prison.. period!

Regarding this bunch of thugs in blue, this should go double. They are trained to know better, but instead exhibited a flagrant disregard for laws they swore to uphold. It's time to send a clear message to those who abuse the system no matter who they are. These are supposed to be the people we rely on (by example) to uphold order and justice. Instead threatened both.

I'm sure some will say who the hell cares what went on in Kentucky, but this has been occurring all over the country of late. What concerns me is when 'peace officers' see what some departments got away with it won't be long before this becomes the norm.

There are plenty of good cops who everyday who risk their lives to 'protect and serve' who don't deserve the reputation a bunch of yahoos like these misrepresent. I call for the elimination and imprisonment of all those who abuse their positions in law enforcement. Guys like these jeopardize those who try their damndest to generate respect and protect the citizens when they go to work. Good cops deserve better.

When we hear of this kind of stuff it makes law enforcement officers jobs more dangerous because of the public's distrust creating adversarial conditions. It will eventually breakdown this country if not rooted out. It will also discourage the kind of men and women we need to join law enforcement when bad behavior like this is ignored.

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