Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The World's Dysfunctional

I've spooked around the news, internet social media sites (such as) Facebook and from my own experience I conclude... "The World Is Dysfunctional".

There's one guy I'm familiar with who after his first wife left him took up dating his brother's wife while she was still married to his brother. He eventually married her. She since has kicked him out along with the three kids. After serving about 10 years in military service he now thinks at 30 some he may actually have to find a job. Imagine that!
     He also received a ton of benefits even though he saw no action of any kind in any of the gulf wars.

Another relative of ours is kicking his own kid out to make room so he can receive money from the government to raise another's.

There are tons of more stories on Facebook and other social media sites, but I dare not tell them less someone figure out who I am.

Then there's the jerks in politics who are advocating for war with ISIS but don't have the balls to actually grab and gun and do it themselves if they are so worried about these so-called terrorists. I say so-called because I consider this bunch nothing but loud mouth long winded thugs who get people all worked up by killing hostages on camera. If the United States wouldn't have screwed around in Iraq none of this would have happened in the first place. There are a bunch of political assclowns that appear in the media who have no problems getting Americans killed for their own failures by intervening in foreign countries that posed little to no threat to us prior.

There's also the bunch of anonymous commenters and not so anonymous bloggers in this area who think by stirring the public up or going against other bloggers it will somehow change things or gain them notoriety. Way too much drama for my tastes.

In regards to myself and views of this world... People sure do create a lot of unnecessary problems for themselves and others.

In my own life the first wife pulled the wool over my eyes real good some 30 years ago. She took up with some guy and left me. It was a few years later I found out my son wasn't my son after all. Not until after I paid support for several years until he was an adult. When he found out, I haven't seen him since.

Also it's been about 20 years since my brother last contacted me after mother died. I stopped trying to invite him over & his wife to stay in contact with me after repeatedly visiting their house.

So as you can see I've experienced drama within my own life, but it all pales in comparison as far as I'm concerned because it's all past me now.

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