Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quick Points About Eagles Game Last Night

The 'Eagles' won 30 to 27 over the 'Colts' last night (09/15/2014)

I'm far from an expert when it comes to football, but here are a few things I thought worth noting about last night's game.(1) While no one person can claim they saved the game it should mentioned Cody Parkey was responsible for 12 of those points. Until the middle of the 3rd quarter the Eagles were losing 20 to 6. They scored only one touchdown in the first half and two in the second which would give them only 18 points if not for the 12 points kicker Cody Parkey added to the final score.

(2) There seems to be a pattern this year that the Eagles don't show up to play until after halftime.

(3) When runners celebrate a touchdown the crowd goes wild. When a kicker adds 12 points to the final score most of the sports media seldom shines the spotlight on them. I suppose it's because they expect the kicker to make good on his every kick because the team set him up. In other words kickers are for the most part taken for granted.

(4) The irony here is undrafted rookie Cody Parkey was originally signed by the Colts this year (2014). The 'Colts' then traded Cody Parkey to the Eagles in August for the Eagles undrafted reserve player rookie runningback David Fluellenm, who has since been released.

There are a few points I'm trying to make.

Most fans focus their attention and celebrate the runners scoring touchdowns and the star quarterback, Media headlines scream much the same thing (check it out for yourself).

What few recognize is the fact w/o a great rookie kicker like Cody the Eagles would never be where they are. Their 'red zone' plays are terrible.

Everyone once schmoozed and fawned over Desean Jackson's performance a few years back when he was hot and scored touchdowns for the Eagles. When it came to the Cody's 12 point contribution to last night's game I'm not seeing the same kind of exuberance from either the media or fans. Why Not?

Well almost not except for Zach Berman a Inquirer staff writer who wrote 3 days ago, "With Parkey going against the team that traded him away this Monday, it looks like a good move for the Eagles.".

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