Thursday, September 25, 2014

Property Tax Elimination In Pa.

Andrew Staub | PA Independent: Property tax reform hits another roadblock in Pennsylvania-- "Proponents of eliminating school property taxes cheered a win last week, but it might have been a hollow victory... State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, R-Chester, recently told a Delaware County business group Senate Bill 76, which would eliminate the unpopular tax, “will not become law” even though it cleared a key committee vote."

In a more perfect world we'd realize those who benefited the most would pay the most for education as a resultant of it. Alas that shall likely not be.

If this proposal were come to pass it would come in the form of sales tax on items that people of greater wealth would purchase and on their incomes.

Many property owners (including those retired on fixed incomes) may have or not have inherited the domiciles in which they live. Everyone needs a roof over their heads including renters who also pay into the system.

However it came to be it's most unfair that that such basic needs of having a place to live should have this tax burden placed on them. A number of them may have never had kids which never generated costs to the local schools in the first place.

Face it government has got everyone by the gonads. Everyone needs some place to live. Who cares if it's 'fair' or not so long as the state can operate under the threat anyone can be tossed to the street if they don't pony up. Just because Pennsylvania can doesn't justify the reasons for making it their right to do so.

The goal here in the United States is to provide people with a just and fair form of government. Anything that takes away or diminishes such weakens us united as such people.

Such is this when it comes to this matter in the funding of education.

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