Monday, September 8, 2014

Proposed Pa. Trash Fee For Funding School Pensions

Steve Esack of the Morning Call Harrisburg Bureau is reporting "On Thursday, the Republican from Columbia County floated a bill that would impose an additional $3 tipping fee on waste haulers to reduce school districts' rising pension costs... The additional fee would generate an additional $51 million and be put into a new pension-only fund... As of Friday, there were no co-signers."

What the hell does having to pay for trash have to do with funding education?

Taxpayers are already paying for education through federal, state income and property taxes. These political geniuses will find more ways to pick taxpayers pockets then I could have ever imagined.

Government controlled water and trash services should never ever be used to fund things other then what they were intended. These guys can find more ways to slip us a weenie in our backsides can't they?

Creating new taxes is a way of dodging having to raise existing taxes. When government does things like this legislator proposes it adds another layer to the bureaucracy and the number of employees it takes to collect these "fees".

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