Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oil Heirs Getting Out Of Fossil Fuels

Mark Drajem, Bloomberg News"The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, built with profits from Standard Oil Co., is selling investments in coal and tar sands... a group of 800 institutions and individuals announcing they will divest from fossil-fuel companies. Total funds making that pledge reached $50 billion this week...

"If he were alive today, as an astute businessman looking out to the future, he would be moving out of fossil fuels and investing in clean, renewable energy", said Stephen Heintz, president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund."

The Washington Post"For 140 years, the Rockefellers were the oil industry’s first family, scions of a business empire that spawned companies called Exxon, Mobil, Amoco and Chevron. So it was no trivial matter when a group of Rockefeller heirs decided recently to begin severing financial ties to fossil fuels..."
Billionaires become billionaire$ because they stay ahead of the curve by envisioning how they can make a ton of loot off of future supply & demand before others do.

As I've said repeatedly ad nauseum alternative green energies are far more then about just tree hugging liberals, global warming alarmists, clean water and air. It's the future!

Remember This Clip From 'The Graduate' (1967)?
Green Energy.. Yeah, It's Like That!

Then there is this for you knuckle draggers out there who still don 't get it...


Let all of keep in mind there are no intelligence tests required nor are applications required to become a member of Congress. Anyone can get elected who then can make up as many stupid laws and regulations or eliminate them as they will.

     Here's to hoping we survive as a nation notwithstanding such fools.

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