Sunday, September 28, 2014

Manhunt For Eric Frein

AP Photo/Scranton Times & Tribune, Michael J. Mullen

Laura MCCrystal, Inquirer Staff Writer-- "Police presence that intensified Saturday afternoon escalated Sunday morning in a rural neighborhood."

A couple of things are worth noting..
     (1) How many 100,00's of manhour$ have been allocated to his capture?
     (2) When was the last time police went to this much effort for other victims of a shooting?
     (3) How many cops were taken away from their other duties?

Don't get me wrong I'm concerned when a officer gets ambushed. However, dedicating this much time, money and effort is leaving other areas unprotected. Either that or there are too many law enforcers employed then are ordinarily needed elsewhere.

It ought to be interesting to see what the total tab to taxpayers is for this.

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