Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lehigh Valley Bloggers Fading Away

I've compiled the statistics for all the 'Local Blogosphere' you see listed to the right. These stats are current as of 09/21/2014 at 11:40 am.

19 Posted Less Then One Month Ago
  6 Posted Around A Month Ago
13 Posted Something Between 2-10 Months Ago
  4 Have Not Posted Anything In A Year Or More

Percentage wise...
45% of the bloggers listed posted something less then one month ago.
14% around a month ago.
30% have not posted anything in the past 2 to 10 months.
Just under 10% posted nothing at all over the past year or more.

Only 19 out of the 42 bloggers could be considered frequent posters. Of those I'd estimate only 3 or 4 are posting on a nearly daily basis. Of those 19 only about 4 receive comments if they allow them. When they do there are usually a dozen or far fewer.

I've removed over a half dozen links to other bloggers who gave up blogging some time ago. There seems to be two reasons why they quit. Either they were harassed or lost interest because of the lack of response to them.

There once was a time a few years ago the Lehigh Valley had a vibrant blogging community. Dozens of people contributed information and read them regularly. Some of these people were in the field of education. Some were politicians and still others posted the inside scoop on all of them. Nearly gone are they all.

What also changed is the number of video postings from the Lehigh Valley. I go through them all on YouTube everyday. For every 100 I'm lucky to find one that isn't an advertisement for cars, real estate or someone promoting their business. A bunch more are ratty looking & sounding cell phone videos from area concerts. Hence mostly garbage and not too useful to the exchange of information.

Another thing that changed are the people who leave comments. Certainly there were always those who left useless comments either bashing others or contributed little to the topic at hand. Still there were plenty of others who would leave useful information that local media either skimmed over or ignored. This because commercial media holds themselves to higher standards and accountability then those participating in blogs. So too have to consider the hands that feed them before doing a story. For this I do not hold blame against them. After all they are in the business to make money and one has to consider that.

However I find it rather disparaging interest has dropped off significantly in blogs from a few years ago. I'm not speaking about myself but rather all the other bloggers who had so much to contribute and the people who once interacted with them.

A blog's quality is determined by the sum of it's parts and not just what was posted by it's owner. Peoples' contributing information via comments is what will make or break what happens in the future with these blogs. If the past is any indication it doesn't bode well. As for me, I will always have something to say and most likely continue to use this blog as a forum to express myself. It's my hope that other blog owners will continue to as well.

Optimistically speaking what I yearn for at this time next year a few more will come online that I can link to and not less. Coco Chanel once said, Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. What happens I have absolutely no control over and cannot change no matter what I say or how much I flap my gums, eh?


  1. good look at the local blogosphere. it also shows how debilitating one or two cyberstalkers can be on the dialogue


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