Monday, September 8, 2014

Knock Offs Seized In Boardwalk Shop

Alex Wigglesworth at is reporting. "Authorities have seized more than $10,000 in allegedly counterfeit merchandise from a Seaside Heights Boardwalk shop."

I have several thoughts. One is I bet this guy thought he was getting away with this. I'd also bet the AG was waiting until there was enough money exchanged to make it worthwhile to prosecute the owner.

Imagine how pissed off this shop owner would have been if customers paid him in counterfeit money :-).

I'm positive anyone (other then a complete idiot) knew they were buying knock-offs. I worked with a guy who went specifically into NYC to buy knock off Rolex watches just for kicks. One day his kid's teacher called him in after his son wore one of them in school.

When it comes to team sports items & sneakers this needs to be pursued, but face it anyone buying a fake Rolex or other fashion items (like handbags) wouldn't have spent their money on them in the first place. By all means we should otherwise support enforcement when people try to con customers their items are real.

Imagine all the Cubic Zirconia women wear being passed off as real diamonds when they attend events. I can't tell you the number of times (when the wife worked at the LV Mall in it's heyday) how many women bought expensive evening wear only to return it after the fancy event they attended. I've often chided her while she worked there the store was more like a library then a upscale retail establishment. My wife worked in 'fine jewelry', 'evening wear' and several other departments where this went on all the time.

I find it rather interesting that prosecutors will go after stores but not the customers who knowingly participate in the perpetuation of such things. I suppose it's all about where 'the law' stands the best chance of seeing some money come out of it for them. Is this not so?

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