Monday, September 22, 2014

ISIS Threat Being Hyped Up

Some U.S. Politicians are chomping at the bit to send American troops back on the ground. Call them ISIS, ISIL "Islamic State", thugs terrorists or what ever I tend to think these guys are over hyped. There's plenty worse bastards in this world that have been raping, kidnapping, beheading, slaughtering and committing all kinds of atrocities on far more people for far longer. Africa is one example yet we don't hear pundits on the news 24/7 calling for us to get drawn in.

It was reported over the weekend 130,000 Syrians fled into Turkey to escape ISIS. FOX news reported Friday a week ago ISIS may have up to 31,500 members. The answer seems simple to me. If boots on the ground are what they want, station our soldiers on the border of Turkey where they can hand out grenade launchers and automatic rifles to each of these refugees. Then send them back. This latest batch of refugees outnumber the highest estimated number of their so-called enemy by over 4 to 1.

Something doesn't smell right
No matter how despicable we are told this group is the threat from the number of them doesn't add up. The population in occupied Mousul (664,221) alone outnumber all of ISIS by 21 to 1. There are 33.42 million people living in Iraq. That being the case ISIS represents less then 1/10% of the entire population. They are outnumbered by over 1,000 to 1. Someone explain to me why Iraqi's can't easily take care of this themselves? Do they even want to?

I suspect a larger picture is emerging. (1) Either Iraq is filled with a bunch of gun toting cowards. (2) ISIS is receiving a hell of a lot more support from Iraq's themselves then we are led to believe. (3) There's something far larger going on here that doesn't pass the stink test.

Follow The Money Trail
After all of the wasted lives, money and wounded lives it all boils down once again to who gets the oil and it ain't turning out to be us.

ISIS is said to be worth about $2 billion. "In the years they were getting started, a key component of ISIS’s support came from wealthy individuals in the Arab Gulf States of Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.". More recently these days they make about $2 million a day off of captured oil fields.

So Where's The Oil Going?
It's being transported to places like Iran, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to name a few. According to the CNN article above if everything goes as ISIS plans, "they will be in control of a region that holds 60% of world's conventional energy reserves and produces 40% of global oil and gas production." So I think it would be safe to say the U.S. shouldn't expect a lot of help from any of those countries.

Haven't we done enough?
The U.S. has spent 100's of billion$ on Iraq for our military operations, reconstruction, training and rearming Iraq troops. 4,487 U.S. soldiers were killed and another 32,223 were seriously wounded. By August 2007 we supplied over 190,000 weapons. Now you'd think with all that fire power Iraqi's would be in good shape to fend for themselves if they were motivated to do so. Kind of makes me question if they are being as victimized as being portrayed by the media.

If the Iraqi's are being victimized as we are being told, tell them to get their own ass in gear. Failure by them to stand up when the odds are overwhelmingly in their favor causes my mind to question whether they are being victimized or part of it. It wasn't so long ago that we were sold the idea Iraqi's would look at us as "liberators". It didn't quite turn out that way after nearly 37,000 of our soldiers were either killed or wounded by them. Shouldn't there be some kind of lesson from that?

On the other hand, if it's about oil the United States could have far more wisely invested our time, trillions of dollars and human resources (peoples' lives) in converting over to clean alternative energy solutions. If it weren't for these outdated dirty fossil fuel sources we wouldn't find ourselves in this predicament. I also highly doubt we'd be as concerned with their problems if we didn't need their stinking oil.

In Conclusion
Excuse me if I'm not entirely enthusiastic about having further involvement. Unless the American people agree we need to for our own financial security (oil) we need to keep our nose out of it. If we really care about these people and they honestly are being victimized there's no better way to help them then providing the means they need to fend for themselves (which we have already done). To do otherwise requires us to stay forever shedding our blood and money for a people who will not do for themselves.

There could be no bigger threat to our own stability then to have 33.42 million more dependents unwilling to help themselves. This would far exceed all the objections so many now raise over providing money and resources for social needs in our own country for our own people. You'd think people who object to unemployment, welfare, Medicaid, etc. would be outraged if we made such plans.

I'll put this a bluntly as possible. I see no reason to nurse these thumb suckers who claim to be helpless. Nor anyone hiding behind ISIS while enriching their own selves by buying oil behind our backs from them. It's time we realize who our friends really are and be honest with the American people why we're involved over there.

Yesterday (Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014) 100,000's of people marched ahead of the U.N. Climate Summit to be held Tuesday (Sept. 23, 2014). I'm positive there are plenty who will label these people as tree hugging left leaning wing nuts. BUT anyone who has half a brain and read what I wrote above understands there is a lot more at stake then clean air.

People are being slaughtered all over the world in the name of profit from their fossil fuels. Yet in every nation the sun shines. The winds blow. That being the case no longer is there a need for any nation to be dependent on another for it's entire energy needs. Even a hard assed global warming denier should support this cause based on this reason alone.

Put it this way.. if all the greenies are wrong no harm can become of it. On the other hand by the continued addiction to fossil fuels it amounts to crawling into bed with some of the worse selfish greedy human beings who walk this planet in a attempt to satisfy a ever growing dependency. If those who say they support 'energy independence' cannot see this I question both their sincerity, motives and intelligence.

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