Friday, September 26, 2014

Highest Grossing Production Of All Time

The Daily Mail-- 'The Lion King' musical named highest-grossing production of all time, with $6.2billion in box-office sales

It's been on Broadway 17 years come Oct.15, 2014.

We went to see this musical in 2001 while it was still playing at New Amsterdam Theatre before they moved it to the Minskoff Theatre in June of 2006.

The show came to the live stage 3 years after the animated movie.

There are so many elements that made this one of the best musicals we've ever seen. The costumes. The musical scores. Staging design. All complimented each and other. It pleases me to hear this show has done so well. Perhaps by it doing do well it will serve as an example to others of what audiences most seek out.

Many shows have come and gone since that time. I think this lasted so long because of it's originality, positive theme as well as absolutely unbelievable musical scores that appeal to all age groups.

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