Friday, September 19, 2014

Everybody's Broke Nobody's Happy

Well it seems like it anyway...Express Times- Hundreds of Northampton County employees oppose health care hike
WFMZ- Northampton County workers protest hikes in healthcare costs

Express Times- Allentown school unions blast district, demand 'respect, justice, fairness'
WFMZ- ASD unions slam administration over listless contract talks

This whole problem can be summed up with two words, economic inequality"

Here's just one example of it Tale of Two Cities:’ New York has become the capital of economic inequality-- Median rental costs in Manhattan have increased for six consecutive years, and now stand at just under $4,000 per month. And you won’t find that much relief heading to the boroughs; the median rent in Brooklyn is now $3,172, and in Queens it’s $2,934. Owning a home is just a fantasy for working New Yorkers: The average cost in the five boroughs rose six percent between the second quarters of 2013 and 2014, and now stands at $826,000."

If you check out the comments on every one of those stories above they all run the same course. They always do. A good chunk of them blame the extreme left wing socialists libitards while an equal number point the fingers at cold hearted uncaring republitards. Most of the remaining comments predictably jump down the throats of anyone working for the government.

Once again not a single one of the comments I've read so far as of 09:33am (09/19/2014) addressed the real problem. While these doofuses continue to sling crap at one another, the very people who created these conditions continue to line their pockets. All the while counting on these idiots' complete ignorance of what is being pulled off on them.

Our politicians (at least at the state and federal level) are the finest money can buy. The middle income gap has now nearly disappeared and is crippling our taxes and economy and still people (at least the ones leaving comments) have no idea who's screwing them. Unbelievable.

Our U.S. Congressional members have become so obsessed with themselves staying in office they've become almost totally blind as to the reason why Congress was created. It wasn't to serve every last corporation or special interest group that cut a fat check to get them re-elected. Never mind doing the things that could get middle income back on track like tort reform, medical caps, minimum wage and a plethora of other problems facing this economy.

Congress just came back after a 5 week summer recess. Now just after 8 days of returning they've given themselves off another 54 days!

Face it they don't give a shit about anything but winning another term. It amazes me how people cannot see through Representatives and Senators going on TV pointing their fingers at Obama for his days off while they themselves took 3 to 4 times as many.

Words On Comments I'm Reading
The lot of them remind of seagulls fighting and pecking each and others eyes out for scraps of leftovers fed to them by wealthy people. Can they not realize government at all levels receives the majority of revenue from the middle income. No middle income... no revenue. Apparently that's beyond most people's comprehension..

While high placed executives and administrators pay less percentage of their income towards taxes they continue to receive wages only a middle wage earner could dream of. What do they do with that extra income? Well they invest it. They majority of the upper crust earns their money through capital gains. These are taxed at a far lower rate then ordinary income. Thusly increasing their wealth several times over that of the average middle income worker even if they be lucky enough to even have a full time job or any benefits at all.

Instead of congress raising wages they ran off to feather their own nests. For one all they had to do was raise the minimum wage and tax revenues would start flowing. If companies find all kinds of ways not paying their taxes, force them to pay their employees a decent wage and who do. That's how you do tax reform.

Had congress passed legislation that would have given Medicaid and Medicare the power to force pharmaceutical companies to negotiate drug prices this would have also put more money in the pockets of local taxpayers. One of the offshoots for not doing so is the more people pay for medical needs the greater amount they are allowed to deduct on their federal taxes. So right there you have a double edged sword.

I've given just a few examples of why if there is blame to be had it isn't with government workers or people of any political persuasion. The fault lies solely on the shoulders of a self serving congress. A congress that has been bought and paid for by people with selfish intent. A congress that has manipulated people through corporate controlled media that somehow each or the other were to blame.

All this from a bunch of phoney baloney's who had more days off this year alone then President Obama did his entire term up to August 23rd. even before they decided to take another 54 days off since!

Wake up people. Stop being tools and blaming one another all the while being played the fool.

Locally the fault isn't entirely that of local leaders, unions or fellow citizens. The super vast majority starts in Washington, D.C.

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