Friday, September 12, 2014

Congrats To Knoebels (Pennsylvania)

Congratulations to Knoebels (admission free) Amusement Park on being the 2014 'Golden Ticket Award' winners for BEST NEW RIDE and winners in 2014 for BEST CAROUSEL They won out against such notables as 'Six Flags', 'Universal Studios', 'Kennywood' and others.

If you've never visited, please do so. I love it when family run operations like these succeed.

Video Courtesy cpark099

Check Out All Of Their Videos HERE

Halloween is coming up. It's a big time at Knoebels. Here's their video release from October 2012..

"Let's Go To Knoebels Again"

BTW- Check this out while your there..
They not only do they have a interest in Band Organs,
but also repair and maintain them as well.

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