Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Clean Renewable Energy

In 1957 JFK challenged us to go to the moon and we won the 'Space Race ahead of everyone. Why not declare another race this time to be first in the world to be truly energy independent? Have we lost the will? Have we lost the expertise?

I hate to think we instead continue to sit on our laurels while some other nation inevitably succeeds and be left behind both scientifically and economically. Back then we were a 'can do' nation. Let us hope we still are. They call some countries 2nd & 3rd world nations for a reason. That kind of future for the United States is totally unacceptable.
Jennifer Granholm TED2013

Yes we can

Critics claim the technology's too expensive.
How much do they think this is costing us?

June 2014

A few reasons 'for' clean renewable energy
Energy Independence. A cleaner Earth (spills and emissions). Less U.S. interventions (wars) in foreign nations over oil. Less reliance on aging central electric grids that can possibly be hacked. New jobs and scientific advancement. Maintaining our leadership position in the world.

A few reasons 'against' clean renewable energy
Hmmm.. I can't think of a single one.

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