Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Charlie Sheen Coming Back To 2 1/2 Men?

As you may have or not heard CBS canceled 2 1/2 men earlier this year. Now rumor has it Charlie Sheen is talking to the show's producer (after they had a fall out 3 years ago) expressing an interest in appearing in the final episode of the 12 season old series which premiers Oct. 30th..

Rumor further has it the characters of Alan and Walden may get married.

Now you may say, who gives a rats patootie. Well you wouldn't be alone. One of the responses from a commenter said he never watched the show because of it's "mindless drivel". The reply to that was pure gold....
     "***** never watches that mindless drivel because he's so busy with intellectual pursuits,,, like commenting via the internet about ,, umm,,,,, mindless drivel!!

I've learned from comments I read over the years on media sites and on blogs, neither are worth the space they take up and they both certainly are far less intelligent then those who read them regularly.

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