Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blogging Point Of Observation/Review

I find it fascinating what kind of stuff gets read the most.

Back on Thursday, August 28, 2014 I posted the news concerning Bangor school district's study recommending them spending between $7-$9 million on a a new stadium & athletics fields. Hardly anyone was interested. Only a few read it. No one shared a comment.

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014 I wrote about the possibility of Charlie Sheen Coming Back To 2 1/2 Men . The stats went through the roof. 10x's more people were more interested.

I've become acutely aware readers of blogs here in the Lehigh Valley only have 1 or 2 sites they participate with. I named this blog focused on my introspectives concerning issues and spending a lifetime growing up here for a reason. As I look over various other blogs, both past and present, apparently few in this area appreciate those efforts I and others have made concerning local issues over these many years.

It makes little sense to spend so much time on people who care so little. Over the years I (and others) spent countless hours researching links for each of every conceivable issue one could think of going on the Lehigh Valley offering opinion and commentary. Nearly all received a tepid response in readership. While most other bloggers gave up on them I hung in.

That Is, Until Today...
Lehigh Valley readers have taken to only one other local blog no matter how much effort is made by myself or others over the years. If dozens of readers want to respond to only one other's BS blog which caters to talking trash so-be-it.

My hopes were when I first started this blog that I could stimulate local comradeship. Apparently I was laboring under a misapprehension. No hard feelings, but I like others who have given up before me am so done worrying, trying to inform, offer opinions, links and a bit of local history in an effort to invoke intelligent discussion.

In the future...
This blog will refocus on larger issues.

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed over the last few days I've already posted items on entertainment, state and national/international issues. They've received quite a bit of attention nationally and internationally. Henceforth that will be the direction I am taking. If there is something occurring on a local level I intend to relate them to larger national problems.

Lately I've had a far greater number of visitors from outside of the Lehigh Valley who exhibited far more interest then folks here locally. It is on they (who are more appreciative) I intend to redirect my future efforts.


  1. nothing personal. you're just really boring

  2. You are irrelevant. That is why no one reads or comments on your stories. As the saying goes opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. But in this case you are anonymous, so that just makes you an asshole with opinions. If you identify yourself then people will have interest in your opinion. Until then you are just wasting space on the internet.

  3. LMAO-- First off let me say I wanted to wait 24 hours before I responded but find I cannot resist how funny I find all this.

    Someone Anonymous left a comment at 11:19:00 AM EDT who said, "But in this case you are anonymous, so that just makes you an asshole with opinions. If you identify yourself then people will have interest in your opinion..." If that someone cannot see his or her own reflection in the words before they wrote them how can I not help but laugh :-)

    As these comments accumulate here and on BO's blog I should thank them all for validating what I said a "BS blog which caters to talking trash". Even though I never said it was Bernie's I had in mind when I said it, BO seems to think so. What does that tell ya?

    I also would like at this time to acknowledge Bernie for following this blog closely. I always had a hunch he read it regularly. So instead of being pissed I'm grateful that he still does after all this time (and most likely will continue to do so). I also wish to thank him for making so many more people aware of LVCI then were before.

    While I'm at it I will point out a couple of differences
    (1) BO thrives on controversy I do not. If readers will note this blog does not engage in personal attacks. Nor is anyone leaving comments allowed to do so. Nor has this blog engaged in a war of words directly with other bloggers for years.

    (2) If anonymity is a qualifier to legitimacy then 90% of his content could be eliminated as well.

    I believe in a policy of not feeding the trolls with the exception of this response. In the past I stated many OTHER people quit blogging because either they were harassed or ignored. Anyone wishing to continue proving my point further by leaving negative comments will be allowed to do so within reason.

    PS: BO not only removed a link to this blog but deleted any comments I attempted to make on his blog for years. Henceforth so shall the same be in-kind here in return.

    So there, I responded... satisfied?

  4. Join forces with the. Blog mentor he will teach you the ways of darkness

  5. You have done six entries since this one. NOT ONE COMMENT. Identify yourself and you will have interaction. Otherwise like the previous comment "you are an asshole with an opinion". It is not about the anonymity of the commentator it is about the anonymity of the blogger. Once you realize that, the quicker your blog will grow.

  6. I like many, read the other blog you name. The writer has "issues" let's say. His writing is often mean-spirited. Many community minded people, including elected, check that blog to see if they are named. The actual "news" that gets across is about20%. The comments spike when the blog turns to gossip, and tales of lost love. There is some humor, which is missing in this blog.
    IMHO This blog contains much more "news" than the other blog. The name (what is Clancularius?) is wierd, and probably would increase readers with a change. Inject more humor into your writing. Much more! And throw the trolls a bone once in a while. Sex sells. Lower your standards.

    sign me John anon
    Lastly, I don't feel your anonymity hurts you. It's the lowest common denominator. Cater to them sometimes. Pick a town with shoddy leadership (there are many, Nazareth comes to mind) and start a battle. trolls=readers

  7. I already know your real name, and address, no big deal ...

    1. Blog Mentor-- "I already know your real name, and address, no big deal ..."
      So publish it already... asshole!

      Villa, you have threatened to "box my ears". Put a cash reward out so you find out who I am so you could threaten my family by coming to our home or find me while I'm out with my family in public. Enough already!

      Haven't you figured it out yet. I don't know who you are.. don't give a shit and never ever once spoke about your late daughter's visiting bars with her boyfriend while pregnant.

      Here's another tip... nobody at 'Clear Channel' or WAEB will ever let you back on the air. They patronizing you because they don't want any of your lunatic BS to turn against them like you have everybody else who ever existed. Haven't you figured that out yet?

      I'm sick and tired of your BS threats. You've been going at me for no reason for almost 5 years now.
      (1) Get over yourself
      (2) GET HELP!

      One more thing..
      If I've ever done anything to MM that could be interpreted as a "slur" (as BO accused me of) I apologize for it. I want everyone to know publicly I have nothing but the utmost respect for Molovinsky and found him to be one of the fairest people I've come across blogging throughout all these many years. I also support him 100% and wish him all my best in the upcoming election. He is my favorite blogger.

      I'm considering shutting down comments entirely. The only reason I've allowed them since I began was so people could add information and engage in discussion. If all people are going to do is use them for is to threaten and demean me... well would you do!

    2. I've just deleted two crazy comments. Because of these last comments by a lunatic this blog no longer accepts comments.

      Bernie never gives up till he destroys someone's reputation (and their careers if possible). I never implied blogging was a competition. In fact the very opposite.

      On one of my very first post years ago Bernie got on my ass about something Chris Casey said when they had a spat. Just like Villa they both have been on my ass since the beginning. I don't need all this bat shit crazy BS drama. I've put up with it for almost 5 years. The best way I know how to eliminate it is by no longer accepting comments.

      Ever since Bernie posted his latest attack piece this blog has been under attack from him and his minions. Mission accomplished Bernie.

      I tried to work with Bernie in the past, but the guy has a tendency to turn around and bite people in the ass. I'm sure there are others who kight agree.

      Since I no longer accept comments this means I get the last word on this blog.