Saturday, September 13, 2014

Allentown Fluff Pieces

Yeah sure these are fluff pieces, but still there's something to be said. Other cites have been so less fortunate.

Allentown 4.0

While I'm still not convinced Pennsylvania taxpayers as whole will benefit there's no doubt that Allentown's citizens will. Got to hand it to this mayor on this one, he pulled it off.

Pennsylvania taxpayers' will forgo nearly $1+ billion in revenues for the next whatever number of years till this is repaid. Whether one supports the NIZ or not, what remains to be seen is if Pennsylvania taxpayers will see a return on their investment over 30 years the NIZ was based on. I truly hope all of this succeeds as planned. Doubts remain in my mind. I remain skeptical Pennsylvanians as a whole over the long haul will unless we can attract other businesses from outside the state. Time will tell. We shall see.

Here's to hoping the mayor and certain legislators in Harrisburg prove the doubts I have wrong

See Also: THIS ARTICLE IN THE MORNING CALL-- "Keystone Executive Director Stephen Herzenberg said the NIZ puts too much state tax money in one place, with few restrictions... From a regional point of view, it's robbing Peter to pay Paul," Herzenberg said.

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