Thursday, September 11, 2014

$13 Million More For LVIA

September 10, 2014: LVIA awarded $13 million in grants to improve airport safety

Some Headlines From The Past
In Chronological Order

August 12, 2003: LVIA awarded $2.4 million for taxiway improvements

September 14, 2011: Lehigh Valley International Airport is about to spend $16 million on runway safety measures (FAA covers most of the cost)

October 13, 2011: Judge orders Lehigh Valley International Airport to pay $16 million to settle land dispute

September 14, 2012: The Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority will receive a $5.3 million federal grant for runway safety improvements

January 22, 2013: ... install $4.5 million in new lighting, climate controls, power generators and other energy-saving devices-- "LVIA spent the past three years $14 million on renovating its main terminal."

December 14, 2013: Passenger traffic at LVIA drops to its lowest total since 1985


Putting this briefly as possible. Expenses are up. Passenger, cargo traffic and overall aircraft activity are all down.

One other point worth mentioning is who the LVIA Board of Governors are. As far as I know not one of them has a pilot's license nor any experience in aviation marketing. All are political appointees of Lehigh and Northampton county elected executives.

Enough said. I'll let others to make of this what they will.

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