Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Walk Of Shame"

Ever Hear Of It?

Well all colleges have them. Some videographers have even made a hobby of them. Thusly it's become quite a problem for those who make the walk. Especially when you consider one's future career resume might include research on your internet activities as some employers do.

Then there's the parents who link to their kid's Facebook and stumble across these video testimonials. Oh my!

I bet if you ask your kid if he/she is in college they will know exactly of which I speak. Go ahead. Ask them.

The "walk of shame" is when someone (usually female) makes the walk back to their dorm after waking up in someone else's room after a night of drinking having no idea who they've been with, perhaps where they are or even remember what they did after ending up in someone else's room/bed.

Ah, them traditional "Thirsty Thursdays" gatherings. Hey I ought to know, we live next to one of these watering holes they call a 'student rental'. I just wonder how many daddies and mommies know how much of their college funds are being invested in these extra "Social Activities"?

According to THIS ARTICLE- "Halloween is perhaps the prime walk-of-shame-spotting season. There's nothing like watching a girl stumble home in her "sexy bumblebee" costume wearing just one shoe... Students gathered around the bus stop to rate each walk-of-shame as Loop after Loop dropped off dozens of girls still dressed in their French maid outfits and naughty cop costumes."

Here's one blogger with a tip for a girl who was, "wearing an obviously too-large athletic shirt paired with a short, black skirt. Dear morning after girl, wherever you are: Next time, please wear panties"

(video courtesy lawrn113)

SEE ALSO- From "A collegiette's guide to Her Campus": The Morning After: How to Walk Without Shame

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