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Reincarnation of Wildwood's Golden Nugget

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I can never say enough good things about Knoebels Amusement Park. Since their inception they never lost the true vision of what a true historical (and yet modern) amusement park is supposed to be.
One w/o overpriced admissions

One w/o beer stands and blacktop.

A park who actually rebuilds band organs and carrousels on site.

Who saved the Phoenix Roller Coaster from doom in Texas years ago.

And now this fantastic news!!

They've saved the old "Golden Nugget" from disappearing forever. "Knoebels bought the Golden Nugget’s track, trains and mechanics from Morey’s before it was demolished in 2009!!! Knoebels’ new ride, the Black Diamond, is set to open for the 2011 season, will be a new ride using the classic ride’s track."

Every summer took our own kids and then grandkids to Wildwood, NJ. The "Golden Nugget" was a must. It was located on the former Hunt's Pier in Wildwood, NJ.

I don't know how many of you are aware that it sat rotting for years and was finally torn down in January 2009. Unlike most commercial parks, the ones in Wildwood nurture their rides like they were their own kids. So it seems, Knoebels does as well and stepped in to save the day. I can't tell you how important it is to me to hang on to these important memories many of us grew up with that can never be replaced by plastic and steel.

A look at the first floor of the Golden Nugget a day before the closing ceremony (2009)

(video courtesy mrboardwalk)

In it's heyday (1988) this is what a ride on the "Golden Nugget" looked like--
(begins at 3:00 minutes)

(videos courtesy funchase)

See three props saved from the Golden Nugget working again.
Plus footage of the roof before the track was removed

(video courtesy mrboardwalk)

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Knoebels-- "In Amusement Today’s 2009 Golden Ticket Awards — the amusement park industry’s equivalent of the Grammys or Oscars — it came in second for best park. That’s behind Cedar Point, Ohio, and before Disneyland, in California."

No one could be more deserving.

'Funchase' has mourned and extensively video cataloged the sad state this ride was in and was thought to have been doomed as only a memory.

Remembering The Golden Nugget - Chapter One
Remembering The Golden Nugget - Chapter Two
Remembering The Golden Nugget - Chapter Three

Traversing The Tracks - A Walk Through The Golden Nugget

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