Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Plastic Pollution

One thing we found very useful for food storage is the good old fashioned Ball canning jars. They are air tight, reusable, dish washer safe and non leeching. They can be used to store nearly every variety of left over foods.

Stainless thermos are not only an alternative for plastic bottles but keep liquids cold for hours.

Reusable shopping bags. They hold a lot more weight and are easier to carry into the house.

Three very simple ways that if everyone would adopt could remove 10,000's of tons of plastic from our refuse in dumps, streams and oceans.

Not only that but save an extreme amount of energy that it takes to recycle plastics.

Only about 27% actually end up being recycled.

Products made from recycled plastics are often not recyclable.

In light of my concerns over Marcellus Shale drilling for natural gas in Pa., consider this.. 70% of all the various American plastic products we manufacture are made from natural gas!

An estimated 5.6% of our domestic gas output.

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