Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Penn State: 661,211 Degrees & Still Counting

Reposted From: April 3, 2010 (with some updates)

Since it's inception Penn State University said around 648,338 degrees were awarded.

With the additional 12,873 anticipated graduates this Spring, that brings the total to 661,211 graduates.

That's well over a half of million degrees since it was established in 1855.

Today with it's 24 physical campuses in addition to it's online "World Campus", the college currently boasts of 94,300 students when you include the students taking courses online.

According to the census over 20 million college students are expected to be enrolled in college in fall of 2010.

Given the fact that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as of February (2013) 12.3 million Americans are unemployed, these folks are going to need more then just their degrees.

They're going to need a whole lot'a of luck. and a set of parents who shouldn't plan on converting Jr.'s bedroom into that spare room just yet.

All this makes me grateful to be a boomer who got through the best economic times America ever had after WWII.

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